A tempurpedic mattress cover protects your investment 


A tempurpedic mattress cover is recommended by many to protect your investment. It should be breathable but will still prevent spills and water from getting to the mattress. The cover will be dust mite resistant and should be washable. It is important to get one that is hypo-allergenic especially for those that suffer from allergies.


Your tempurpedic mattress cover should be easy to remove for washing. A cover is different than a pad as some people using a pad may find their mattress too firm or hard. Tempur is a very temperature sensitive material so you may need to remove the pad so it can respond effectively from your body temperature. A cover should not create this problem.


When using a tempurpedic mattress cover your mattress will not heat up beyond your body temperature. Sometimes when you are finding that your mattress is too soft it is recommended that you try a regular mattress pad. This will reduce the responsiveness of the foam which will make the foam firmer. A pad is only required in this circumstance but a mattress cover is recommended to protect your investment.

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