The snoogle total body pillow provides the ultimate in support


The snoogle total body pillow is the ultimate sleep solution for expectant mothers searching for a restful sleep. It frees up space in your bed from the multitude of pillows that you used in vain to get some comfort. The snoogle total body pillow is designed to support the natural contours of your entire body surrounding you in a cocoon of support. Your head, back and tummy are supported so you get some restful sleep.

With the snoogle total body pillow expectant mothers can help prevent sciatica and lower back pain. The snoogle body pillow goes between the knees keeping you cooler and helping prevent back pain. The dreaded heartburn is elevated with the snoogle. There are many people besides pregnant moms that love the benefits of a body pillow . People that suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other painful conditions find the comfort and the support that they need with a body pillow relieving painful pressure points. Many side sleepers love the extra support of a body pillow.


Besides the snoogle body pillow there are a variety of types of body pillows so you will be able to find one that suits your needs the best. Some people prefer the U shaped body pillow as they do not have to shift it over when they change sides. There are people that place the U at the top so they can still use their own pillow for their head. The snoogle is also great as a backrest for watching TV or reading also works great as a foot rest. If you have maternity discomfort or are having a restless sleep get a snoogle total body pillow and get the sleep that you deserve.

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