The size of a double bed mattress is best for a single sleeper 


The size of a double bed mattress is really only enough room for a single sleeper. The actual size of a double mattress which is also called a full is 54”widex75”long. When two people are sleeping in a double they only have the personal sleeping space of a crib mattress.


If you are a person that truly enjoys their own personal sleep space then the size of a double bed mattress will not be enough for you. Full/double beds are popular now for teens rooms and also for younger children. When reading a child a bedtime story there is more room for the parent and child.


The size of a double bed mattress is best for someone that is under 5’5” tall. The size of fitted sheet that you will need for a full size mattress is 54”x75”. The flat size sheet that is required for a full bed is 81”x96”. This is for standard full size mattresses that are 9-12 inches deep.


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