A sheep skin mattress pad reliefs aches and pain naturally


A sheep skin mattress pad can help keep you warm and cozy in the winter and cooler in the summer with wools natural insulating abilities. This mattress pad made of sheep skin is a perfect solution for those who want a natural solution in getting great nights sleep. Wool keeps you warm and dry by naturally wicking away excess moisture from your body that can make you feel damp and cold.


Your body is supported in comfort by a sheep skin mattress pad eliminating pressure points that cause you to toss and turn. The wool fibers have natural elasticity in their crimp that makes them like nature’s tiny spring providing comfort for your body especially if you suffer from arthritis or back pain. For people that suffer from allergies to molds and mildews wool naturally resists them.


You can find a sheep skin mattress pad in a variety of sizes from crib size to king size to suit your needs. Wool does not carry a static charge so your wool mattress pad does not attract dirt staying cleaner. It has been reported that wool can lower a person’s heart rate allowing them a deeper more refreshing sleep. A mattress pad made of sheep skin is an eco-friendly product that has been used for centuries.

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