For extra guests a portable bed air mattress is handy 


A portable bed air mattress is a useful item to have when you need extra beds for overnight guests. Sometimes during holidays or special occasions you just do not have enough beds for the amount of visitors that is when a portable bed air mattress does come in handy. Many people also find them great for making their camping experience more comfortable. There are many styles and price ranges of air beds depending on your specific needs.


When looking for a portable bed air mattress it is important to keep in mind how the air bed is going to be inflated. Does the air bed that you are looking at require your own lung power and how long does this take. These are often the least expensive air mattresses on the market and if you have lots of lung power around this might not be a problem for you.
Make sure if you are going this route that you get an airbed with a one way inflation valve so when you are taking a break that you are not loosing any air.


If you want a portable bed air mattress that is quick to inflate then you should look at some that have built in pumps that inflate within a matter of minutes. There are also air mattresses that use manual pumps or electric pumps. For added comfort for your guests there are raised airbeds available that make it easier for them to get into bed. This might not be an important feature if the airbed is for a kids room when they have a friend sleep over. The higher end airbeds also have features where the firmness can be adjusted in different zones to provide the ultimate in comfort.


When looking for a portable bed air mattress you want to be sure that you get one that the welds of the seams are of a high quality so you have a durable product. It is also important that the airbed is made of a high quality plastic to resist punctures. If you do not want to have to buy new sheets you should also get one that fits standard sheets. There are a number of quality air beds on the market such as Aerobed, Intex and Coleman to name a few. These have had favorable reviews from consumers and they are happy with the comfort that they provide. Check out the great selection of airbeds that is available online and see if an airbed can help your guests comfort level.

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