A natural latex pillow cradles your head in comfort 



Many consumers absolutely love their natural latex pillow as they provide such great comfort. They are springy yet soft and supportive. Latex pillows keep their shape and last for years as they do not compact down like other pillows. Many like the latex better than memory foam as your head is cradled instead of sinking into the memory foam.


For those that suffer from allergies a natural latex pillow is a great product for them. Latex pillows resists bacteria, mold, mites and fungus many of the contributors to allergy attacks. These pillows keep you cool and dry at night as they have a excellent pin hole design that provides air circulation.


The natural latex pillow is available in standard, queen and king sizes. This is a great pillow to take a look at if you do not like pillows that flatten out over time. These pillows maintain their shape and comfort for years. If memory foam is making you too hot latex is a great product to try.

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