A memory foam mattress or memory foam mattress topper is a luxurious sleep experience for many consumers 


The memory foam mattress has become one of the most popular mattresses on the market today. This is due to the fact that the memory foam mattress is made out of visco-elastic foam which allows your bed to mold to your body eliminating pressure points allowing a great nights sleep. By eliminating the pressure points no longer do you have a restless sleep, numbness and poor circulation due to the pressure points.Your body is still supported by memory foam mattresses ensuring your vertebrae is aligned properly reducing back pain.


Visco-elastic foam was developed by NASA to reduce pressures points caused by G-forces during lift off for the astronauts. The memory foam mattress was then used in hospitals to relieve bed sores. Tempur-Pedic was the first company to realize the potential of memory foam mattresses and memory foam mattress topper for the consumer market. When you lie on a good memory foam mattress all the air is pushed out of the cells and there is none left to push back against you like regular foam mattresses which causes discomfort.


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Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses


1. Comfortable for every sleep position – Memory foam allows you to get comfortable whether you like sleeping on your back, stomach or side as it molds and supports your body in every position. It also gives you the best support for your body by responding to your body temperature and weight.


2. Absorbs motion – The memory foam absorbs motion allowing your sleep not to be disturbed when your partner moves.


3. Proper Spine alignment – Memory foam mattresses support the body allowing the spine to be in a natural alignment. Tossing and turning is eliminate by reducing pressure points.


4. Hypo-allergenic – A memory foam mattress topper and mattresses are excellent for allergy suffers.


5. Dust mite resistant – One of the great advantages of memory foam mattresses and toppers is that they do not provide a good environment for dust mites to survive in. Dust mites are a leading cause of allergies and respiratory problems.


6. Easy Maintenance – Less strain on you as memory foam mattresses do no require flipping.


7. Increased health due to a better sleep – Being cradled in a memory foam mattress topper or mattress can give you a more restful sleep. This leaves you feeling less tired, irritable, less back pain so that you’ re ready to enjoy your day. A great sleep is a key ingredient to good health!



When to Buy a Memory Foam Mattress Topper


A Memory foam topper is a great solution for a mattress that is overly firm but still in good shape that you want more comfort. If your bed is too soft or unsupportive the topper will not fix this, it’ s time for a new bed. Remember that the topper is only as good as the foundation that is supporting it and will not fix a bad mattress with dips in it. A memory foam mattress topper is great for a mattress that is fairly comfortable but you have some aches or pains and are just not getting the good night sleep you need. Many consumers have found a 2 inch topper with a 4 lb density to be just the right comfort.


What to look for in memory foam mattresses


When shopping for memory foam products there are two main considerations to look at which are the thickness and density. Memory foam comes in densities ranging from 2lbs to 5 lbs the higher the density the more expensive the foam. The thicknesses of the memory foam range from 1 inch to 5 inches. The 3lb and 4lb density have a faster recovery response when you change positions and the 5 lb the slowest making some people feel like they’ re being sucked into the bed. The 3lb density is little firmer due to the faster recovery time and 41b is slightly softer. Most people prefer the 4 lb density and a 2-3 inch thickness.


Beware of low quality cut rate foams that are made of cheap ingredients. This inexpensive memory foam does not last or give the same comfort. The number of manufactures of memory foam has increased which has brought the price down but has brought low quality manufacturers in to the market. Stay away form cheap memory foam that comes out of China that is only a density of 2lb. It has a slow recovery time and does not conform to your body. So be careful of manufacturers that make memory foam mattresses outside the US as cheap foam can come from China.



Buying Memory Foam Mattresses


Many large department stores and bed stores sell memory foam products. You will be able to actually check out how it feels for your specific body. Online stores are a good place to also research memory foam mattresses and often carry a broader range of brands. You can also often get a better price due to their lower overhead. Many retailers will offer a trial period with your mattress that you can return it if you don’ t like it. This is a good idea because a few minutes at a store is a whole lot different than a night. Make sure you buy a well known brand that suits your needs in your price range. You spend a third of your life in bed so make it a luxurious experience!

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