A latex mattress combines comfort and durability naturally 


The latex mattress is becoming the new darling of the mattress world. Latex mattresses are all the rage in Europe and that popularity is starting to trickle over to North America. These mattresses have been around for decades but are experiencing a resurgence in popularity perhaps due to more consumers seeking natural products. Latex is a great alternative for consumers looking for a natural alternative to memory foam. These mattresses are made out of latex which is made from the sap of rubber trees.


Construction of a latex mattress consists of the base layer which is called the core and is generally 5-6 inches thick. This layer provides the support for the mattress and is made of either dense latex (higher end) or polyurethane foam. The next layers are the comfort layers which provide the beds comfort and can be made out of a softer latex or memory foam depending on the manufacturer. Latex mattresses are made to feel softer by having holes spread out in the mattress which are called pincore holes. The bigger the size of these holes the softer the latex will feel. The pincore holes can be spaced differently in certain parts of the mattress in order to provide the right support for different parts of the body.

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There are a variety of latex mattresses available on the market such as natural latex mattress which is made of all natural latex and are the most costly. Synthetic latex is made out of petroleum-based products and is thought to have a firmer feel and be more resilient. The pure latex manufacturers say there product is just as durable. Some mattresses are made of a combination of natural and synthetic latex which claim to capture the best of both products. Each manufacturer touts their product as being better but I think the combination end up being less costly. If you want an all natural product then make sure your mattress is made of pure latex as some put fillers such as clay in the foam to cut down costs.


There are also two methods used in order to produce latex and as to which is best is largely a personal opinion. The Dunlop method which has been used for over 75 years produces a firmer and heavier latex. In this method the latex is whipped with air into a wet foam. This wet foam is then poured into a mold then hardened and vulcanized. With the Talalay method the difference is that there is space left in the mold then the mold is sealed. The air in the mold is then vacuumed allowing the foam to expand. This expansion is kept by freezing the mold and vulcanizing it. This process makes the latex softer and less dense.


The reason many consumers are checking out a latex mattress is the great support and durability that they provide. Latex mattresses can last more than thirty years and most have at least a twenty year warranty. Latex instantly responds to body shape and support your spines natural curve. With latex there is excellent air circulation so there are not the complaints of over- heating.  It also relief’ s pressure points on your body but you will not have trouble changing positions as some people have found with memory foam. Latex is highly resistant to dust mites, anti- microbial and hypoallergenic. Consumers also like that it is not heat sensitive so performs well no matter what the room temperature is. Since there are no springs there is no motion transfer if your partner is having a restless sleep. For a natural mattress that provides comfort and durability be sure to check out a latex mattress.

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