The innerspring futon mattress offers excellent comfort and stays put 


The innerspring futon mattress has been gaining popularity these days. This has become possible since the invention of a coil that after being folded will return to its original shape. Many consumers are more familiar with having coils in their sleep surface. They hold their shape well showing no dips and valleys.


When used as a sofa an innerspring futon mattress is very comfortable and stays in place. There are different types of innerspring mattresses available and recommended for different uses. A basic coil with 1.2 density foam covering is recommended for occasional use whereas one with a higher density foam covering and 8 “ of cotton covering is for everyday usage.


There is an innerspring futon mattress where the coils are individually wrapped. This is supposed to make for a quieter sleep as no noise from the springs will be heard. Over the years this is suppose to ensure that the springs stay in place. These mattresses are more expensive than a regular cotton and foam futon.

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