Gel pillows provide super soft support for your head and neck


Gel pillows are a good alternative for those that are allergic to down. They are super soft yet provide comfortable support for your head and neck. Some consumers are disappointed with the pillows as they expect the pillows to be filled with a liquid type gel but they are filled with a polyester gel fiber fill. This is what provides the pillow great loft recovery therefore it does not require to be shaken like down in order to recover its loft.


Another advantage of gel pillows are they are easy to take care of. These pillows are machine washable and can also be dried on a cool setting. Many find the gel filled way fluffier than the regular polyester filled pillows and that it gives without giving too much. When you lift your head the pillow plumps backup. The pillows are fairly inexpensive so are perfect for those that like to replace their pillows on a regular basis.


The main disadvantage of gel pillows among consumers is that some people feel they smell when they are new something like beef jerky. Most say that this smell goes away after a few days. Most consumers were very happy with their gel fiber pillows and feel that they are good value for what they spent.

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