A futon mattress pad protects your mattress from stains and accidental spills  




A futon mattress pad is a good investment to protect your futon mattress and also adds additional comfort. The pad serves as protection against stains and spills protecting your mattress form moisture and dust. It can save you from the chore of having to wash your mattress whereas the pad is far easier to wash.


In the winter a futon mattress pad can help keep you warmer and add extra comfort for a great sleep. They can help extend the life of your mattress by keeping material that can degrade it away. Whether the futon is being used as a couch or bed you’ ll want to protect the mattress with a pad from stains.


A futon mattress pad is easily washable just check the care instructions. Keep damp towels and clothing away from your futon as it can seep into the pad and the bed. Pads are inexpensive in comparison to a new mattress and well worth the cost. They may help you keep your mattress longer and protect it from unwanted spills.


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