With fitted water-proof mattress pads enjoy a better sleep environment


When looking for fitted water-proof mattress pads you want to ensure you buy one that still maintains your comfort. A breathable fabric barrier is important so that you do not overheat in bed and find it hard to sleep. Everyone loses about a liter of fluid each night through their skin not to mention the millions of particles of skin. Without a waterproof mattress pad this creates the ultimate breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria. Dust mites are leading causes of conditions such as asthma, eczema and rhinitis. A mattress pad provides your family with a healthy sleeping environment for optimum health.


For young children and anyone else who suffers from incontinence fitted water-proof mattress pads are a perfect solution to protect the investment you have in your mattress. It is also important to protect your mattress as many mattress warranties are voided if there is a stain on the mattress. There are some mattress pads that are guaranteed against leak and tears for ten years or they will replace your pad for free. You also want a waterproof mattress pad that is also comfortable under your sheets not a cheap one that every time you move you hear it crinkle keeping you awake.


Take a look at some of the consumer reviews of fitted water-proof mattress pads and see if the people who bought them are happy with their purchase. After looking at the reviews one popular pad is the Simmons beautyrest cotton blend waterproof with laminate pad and the Protect-A-Bed mattress protector. You also want a pad that is easily machine washable so after an accident it is soon clean again. This is also important as it keeps dust mite population down. There are a number of brands of mattress pads so take a look online and see what meets your needs the most.

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