Bed risers are great solution for extra storage space 


Bed risers are a great solution for those with limited storage space in a bedroom. You can gain an extra 6 inches which will allow you some great storage space in that unused area under your bed.  A bed riser  can also help people with certain medical problems as either the head or foot of the bed can be raised. Those that suffer with acid reflux would appreciate their head being elevated. For people that are tall they may want to raise the bed in order to be able to sit on it comfortable.


For many students heading to college or university bed risers are a great solution to lack of storage in dorm rooms. Be sure to check with the specific college or university first though as some have specific specification as the bed riser you can use. Some do not allow them and some have their own that they will let you use. There are some schools that will only allow high density polyethylene that will support 1200 pounds. For those that do not have a bed frame there are risers that have a base plate that screws into the box spring then the legs are screwed into the plate.


There are a variety of materials that bed risers are made out of if you want to coordinate with your bed. There are metal bed risers and also wooden bed risers in different wood finishes. There are clear plastic or black ones that interlock in 1 inch increments so you get the height you desire. There are also adjustable risers that allow you to get that perfect height you need.  Be sure to check out this great product if you require more storage space or desire a taller bed.

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