A Tempurpedic mattress can relieve your aching joints to give you an excellent nights sleep



If you are wanting luxurious comfort and an excellent nights sleep then you might want to take a look at a Tempurpedic mattress. Unlike a traditional bed made of rows of springs that are covered Tempurpedic mattresses are made of foam that cradles your body for the utmost in comfort relieving aching joints and painful backs.



The Tempurpedic mattress is made out of Tempur which is not just any foam. It is the only material recognized by NASA and inducted in its Hall of Fame. It was first developed by NASA to relieve the pressure of G-forces that astronauts experienced during lift-off. A Swedish company Fagerdala World Foams invested time and money to created the new advanced foam Tempur that is used in Tempurpedic mattresses.


The Tempur pedic mattress was first used in hospitals and institutions to help in the prevention and healing of bed sores. Patients experienced a huge improvement in pressure relief, comfort and quality of sleep which lead to Tempurpdeic mattresses hitting the retail market. This allowed millions of consumers to experience the Tempur pedic mattress benefits.


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What makes Tempurpedic mattresses so special



Relieves pressure points - nightly tossing and turning is caused by pressure points that cause pain that make you frequently adjust your position while sleeping. Tempur foam eliminates this by supporting and distributing your body weight evenly across the Tempur pedic mattress. Pain is prevented and lessens the need to toss and turn.



Absorbs Motion – motions from your partner are absorbed so that your sleep is not disturbed. Gives you your own unique sleep surface as it conforms to all body sizes.



No Flipping – the tempur pedic mattress never needs to be turned.



Resistant to Dust Mites and hypo allergenic – the mattress cover is naturally treated to resist dust mites and household allergens. Cover has zippers on all four sides so it is easy to remove and wash.



Improved circulation – Tempur senses your body temperature and displaces your weight evenly over the mattress which allows your blood freer movement.



Natural Spine alignment – offers the right support to provide good spinal alignment.



Over 30,000 medical professionals the world over have recommended Tempurpedic mattresses and products. Eight years of clinical and in-home study of 23,000 patients by the Institution for Clinical and Physiological Research at the Lillhagen Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden noted that the patients sleep was greatly enhanced and deeper also they suffered less pain. The Tempur pedic mattress has clinically proven to reduce tossing and turning from 100 to just 17 times a night.


Tempurpedic mattresses were the first on the market and independent reviews have rated them as excellent. Tempurpedic is a leader in the market and due to their success other mattress companies soon woke up and introduced their own memory foam mattresses. A Tempur pedic mattress is the highest quality foam mattress and a name brand you can trust backed by their excellent warranty. Check out various retailers and get an in-home trial of their mattress so you can be sure it suits your needs because they don’ t come cheap. They are a good investment as you spend nearly one-third of your life in bed so it might as well be luxurious!

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