Tempurpedic complaints do they apply to you 


The most common of Tempurpedic complaints is that sleeping on one is too hot which is a problem for some people. The visco elastic foam is very dense and traps heat which overheats a small percentage of people. The way the mattress molds to your body allows more of your body to come in contact with the mattress retaining heat. For people that are hot less of their body is exposed to air to feel the cooling of evaporation.


Another serious of the Tempurpedic complaints that people are not as willing to talk about is that they don’t like sex on a tempurpedic mattress. Many miss the spring of an innerspring bed as they use the bounce during lovemaking but some feel energy and effort are lost in the springs. Some feel the mattress inhibits their mobility as they sink in while others feel different position are more comfortable as there are no pressure points. They also appreciate the grip the mattress provides as they do not have to brace themselves against the headboard.


In order to really determine if the Tempupedic complaints would apply to you, you would need to try one out. To go to a store and try one out really does not give you enough to go on. If you are seriously considering a Tempurpedic mattress it would be wise to get an in home trial and be certain of the length of time you have before you are able to return it. If you are going to spend this amount of money on a mattress you want to be sure that you’re not going to have these complaints.

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