Tempur pedic mattress firmness and heat responsiveness are what make this mattress so supportive and comfortable 


Tempur pedic mattress firmness and heat responsiveness are what make this memory foam mattress supportive and comfortable. Higher density foam is a better quality foam and density ranges from 2.5 lb to 5.9 lb. The tempur material used in a temperpedic mattress is 5.34 lb giving great comfort and support. There are billions of small, open cells tightly packed together so that when you lie down on a tempur mattress that air flows to adjacent cells to gentle cradle your body.


A high density foam mattress keeps you from feeling like your being swallowed by your mattress. The Tempur pedic mattress firmness keeps you up as well prevents you from bottoming out. These high density foams also have a longer memory which makes the mattress more supportive. They conform exactly to your body and regain their shape slowly after you move. Many people believe that they are the perfect combination of firmness and softness.


Tempur pedic mattress firmness of a particular mattress depends on the depth and layer of the Tempur memory foam used on top of the base foam. The base foam in all mattresses is firm and those with the thinnest layers of memory foam are the firmest. The thicker the memory foam the cushier the feel. These high density foam mattresses are more expensive as more of the raw material called resin is needed to make them. When you consider the amount of time you spend in bed and how it affects your quality of life for many it is worth the cost!

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