A Sunbeam heated mattress pad helps you save money while keeping you cozy warm 


A Sunbeam heated mattress pad allows you to stay warm and cozy at night even when you turn the heat down at night to save on your heating bill. These mattress pads do not feel hot to the touch but deliver just the right temperature the entire night. The Sunbeam smart mattress pad has technology that constantly senses and adjusts to your body and room temperature to deliver just the right amount of warmth for your comfort.


The wires in a Sunbeam heated mattress pad are closer together at the foot end than at the top eliminating cold feet and keeping you comfortable all over. They have great features such as pre-heat so you can get into a cozy warm bed. The auto-off has a ten hour setting and multiple temperature settings. The pad will fit different mattress sizes such as king, California king, queen, full, twin up to 19" thick due to the Expand-A-Grip apron.


The fabric on a Sunbeam heated mattress pad can be a deluxe quilted 50/50 poly/cotton fabric to more economy models that are 100% polyester. Pads are made in the USA with a 5 year warranty and the cord on the pad is 71" long. They are not recommended for waterbeds, pull-out sofas or any adjustable beds and should not be used with electric pads or blankets. People who are insensitive to heat, infants, diabetics should not use electric mattress pads and pets should be kept away from them. For everyone else check out this great product to keep you cozy warm at night!

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