Serta pillowtop mattress offers great comfort at a reasonable price 


A popular Serta pillowtop mattress is the perfect sleeper which combines the right amount of comfort and support at a reasonable price. The important features of this mattress enable you to get a rejuvenating sleep for both body and mind. Serta cares about safety and each mattress has an advanced open flame resistance system called Fireblocker. The advanced comfort quilt layer cushions every part of the body so circulation is improved.


A better nights sleep is achieved with a Serta pillowtop mattress as tossing and turning are reduced by the comfort of the quilt layer. The continuous support innerspring keeps your body supported from head to toe and your spine in natural alignment. The foam encasement design lets you use the full amount of the bed without edge roll off. You get an undisturbed sleep as their Stabl-Base double beam foundation isolates your partner’s movement.


Additional support is provided in certain Serta pillowtop mattress by the 5 zoned comfort cushions. Superior comfort is achieved by hundreds of 3 inch cushions surrounding your body. They work independently of each other preventing roll together and key pressure points are relieved. Serta mattresses undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure that you get the highest quality product!

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