The Serta perfect night mattress reduces backaches due to the added support it provides



The Serta perfect night mattress has many great benefits for the consumer. One excellent benefit is it reduces backaches due to the added support it provides. This is accomplished by its construction which consists of 108 inner coils attached to a triple beam frame. Extra support is attained by more coils being located by the center of the mattress where your body needs the support. This mattress gives you the comfort you need to get a good nights sleep due to the heat-sensitive foam between the coils and coverlet.



The cover for the Serta perfect night mattress is made of a soft plush material interwoven with a foam fiber for additional support. Getting in and out of bed is made easier by extra support at the edge of the bed by special foam and edge springs. This also allows you to use the entire bed and gives more support when sitting on the edge. They are also single sided design requiring you to never have to turn it over saving you time.



Distinctive style is obtained with the Serta perfect night mattress from its gold castors and corner guards to Jacquard covers. This mattress has been made by skilled trades people and undergone rigorous quality checks to ensure the highest standard. Tossing and turning is reduced by the use of quality foams to provide a gentle cushion. Side to side mattress movement is reduced by the foam encasement system reducing you or your partner keeping each other up!

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