The Serta mattress gives the comfort you need for vitality in all mattress sizes 


A Serta Mattress is a quality product made by the Serta company that claims " We Make the World’ s best mattress" Many consumers would agree with that statement as Serta has maintained the industry’ s lowest return rate showing that consumers are satisfied with their Serta mattress . Serta has grown faster than any other bedding manufacturer in the last 12 years and is dedicated to making the finest sleep products available.


You may have already slept on a Serta Mattress as serta mattresses are used by many major hotels and motels around the world. Serta provides many mattress sizes to well known hotels such as Hilton, Marriott, Westin, Holiday Inns, MGM Grand Hotel, Bellagio and many more prestigious hotels. The Serta mattress was chosen by these hotels for its value, durability and comfort for their valued customers.


Serta recognizes that a good sleep is a key component to good health. It is important process that restores our physical and mental health. Sleeping on Serta mattresses gives you the restorative sleep to give you the energy and vitality to enjoy the day. Serta can provide you with the right mattress sizes and mattress to get a good nights sleep.


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Their best-selling premium brand mattress in the US is the Serta Perfect Sleeper which has the following great features:


FireBlocker – safety for your family a blend of fiber slows the spread of an open flame in Serta mattresses


Advanced comfort quilt – all mattress sizes has a unique  quilt layer that cushions every part of the body for a more comfortable sleep. 


Continuous Support Innerspring – the entire length of the body is supported by rows of continuous coil which provide natural spine alignment.


Foam Encasement – provides strength and eliminates edge roll-off on all mattress sizes


StabL-Base Double Beam Foundation -provides consistent support and lasting durability. This also isolates the movement of a person so the other’ s sleep is not disturbed by movement.


5 zoned comfort cushions – the roll together caused by traditional foam block mattresses is eliminated as each cushion functions independently.


Serta has been quick to realize that traditional mattresses are not for everyone and many people benefit from foam memory mattresses. Serta’ s luxury response molds to your body reducing pressure points and giving the perfect support to ensure a good sleep. These serta mattresses are available in Visco Foam or Latex Foam. Serta has a Smart Fabric technology that reduces temperature swings that would disturb your sleep. Their latex foam is naturally anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic making it great for people with allergies. Serta foam memory mattresses tend to be less expensive than the competition.


If price is not a consideration then you might want to consider Serta’ s top of the line mattress the Perfect Day. Every feature has been crafted down to the greatest detail so your day will be filled with vitality. The Serta mattresses collaborated in conjunction with designer Vera Wang is known as the Vera Wang Collection which provides maximum comfort and timeless elegance.


Whatever your budget or mattress sizes that you need you can rest assured that you will get a quality product from the Serta company. Their commitment to quality, innovation and service makes it a great choice!

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