Your Serta mattress warranty is voided if you have a stain on your mattress 


It is important for the consumer to read their Serta mattress warranty so that they are aware of what is required by them and covered. They should keep in a safe place their proof of purchase including purchase date as this is required if any warranty issues come up. Warranty is only valid for the original purchasing consumer so if you are buying second hand realize that there is no warranty.


Some consumers have got caught off guard when a warranty issue comes up and they are expected to pay for transportations costs. These are not covered in the Serta mattress warranty. A number of consumers have been surprised to find that their warranty is voided if there are any stains on the mattress. It is important that the consumer use a mattress protector so they do not lose their warranty.


Another point to be aware of is always keep the law tag at the end of your mattress entact as this identifies your Serta mattress warranty. If you have a warranty problem and have a stain on you mattress it would be worthwhile to have a company sanitize the mattress to get the stain out so your warranty is not voided. Many other bedding companies also have this in their warranty.

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