Japanese futon mattress has been used for centuries


The Japanese futon mattress has been used by the Japanese for centuries as it could easily be stored away. Many families only had one room so this room had to serve many purposes not just sleeping. During the day the bed is stored away in a closet with shelves called an oshiire. The room can now be used for eating, working or whatever use the family needs.


A shikibuton is the name of a Japanese futon mattress and is generally stuffed with cotton batting. It is usually place on the floor on top of rice mats or tatami mats. The next part of a traditional Japanese futon set is the comforters which are called kakebuton and has a cover. The last part is the pillow which is called makura and is filled with buckwheat chaff or red beans.


The Japanese futon mattress is rated as extremely firm due to the cotton batting. Many people who suffer from a bad back benefit from a firmer surface as it gives them proper alignment during their sleep. Futons provide firm even support that is why many chiropractors recommend them for their patients sleep needs. Everyone is different in their sleep needs and only you know what is right for you. Be sure to check out the different futons online if it resonates with you!

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