Gemini futon mattress gives you the ultimate in sitting and sleeping comfort 


For the ultimate in sitting and sleeping comfort you need look no farther than the Gemini futon mattress. It feels like a premium latex mattress in feel and responsiveness at a 1/3 of the cost. Otis beds experimented with blending premium grade foams with polyester batting until they came up with superior support and comfort for years.


A Gemini futon mattress should last 12-15 years without losing their comfort. It will stand up to a lot of use whether it is used as a couch, everyday bed or for a guest bed. The mattress consists of 16 inches of goods compressed to a true 8 inch size mattress which gives you your unmatched comfort.


A futon cover with an extra loft size is required for a Gemini futon mattress so that it will fit the thicker mattress. These mattresses are only for bi-fold futons and platform beds not tri-fold futons. Grip-strips are available to ensure that your mattress stays in place.

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